Leadership and Developing Societies is an academic peer-reviewed journal published by the African Leadership Centre. It motivates original thinking and high-quality analysis on the interaction between leadership and the security-development nexus with a global focus on the developing world. It fills an important gap by examining leadership as a distinctive aspect of security and development processes and not simply as a by-product of institution building. It provides empirically grounded analysis of the interactions between security and development; and bridges the theory and practice of leadership in developing societies.

Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to the Leadership and Developing Societies Journal will undergo an initial review by an editor, who will assess the relevance and quality as necessary for the journal. Additionally, articles submitted will undergo a closed peer review process by independent experts to ensure the quality, clarity and originality and validity. As the review process is closed, reviewers will not have access to author details nor will authors have access to the reviewers’ details. The review period should take about six weeks.

Review of the articles are based on the articles contribution to academic body of knowledge, importance and quality of the research. The quality of writing is also important if the article is to be published.

Following the review process, articles submitted will be accepted or rejected by the journal, based on the recommendation of review reports. Any articles accepted will have minor revisions and editorial responsibility rests with the Executive Editor, supported by the Editorial Board.